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Both books are presently available only in Italian language, please access the Italian version of the website (through the flag icon at the bottom of this page) for more details about them.

Dire e contraddire: diversi modi per esplorare

Say and contradict: different ways to explore

This essay is dedicated to the different ways of exploring and representing reality: filtered voluntarily or involuntarily by art and individual sensitivity, studied through languages and logic, explained by mathematics and physics.

All these fields show different representations of reality, sometimes in a dialectical, or even a contrasting relationship with each other. But the contrasts themselves can be a valuable element to define reality and the doubt arising from them can become a valuable tool to explore the tangle of uncertainty which surrounds us.

The Masterplan (Il Grande Progetto)

The garden where Riccardo had returned to rethink himself seems to have become the theater of a melancholic and even literary confluence between memories, reality and hopes. A real crossroads where death (a corpse in the well) meets life (children and their games), ancient languages (dialogues with old master Aldo) encounter more modern ones (hidden CDs), old stories of kings and corsairs overlap tales of goblins and wizards and old expectations are compared with renewed dreams.

The novel is like Riccardo's garden. The mysterious death of a young girl "who had not been allowed to grow up without haste and for whom the world had not yet found a way to pay off her debts" follows that of an old clerk who, somehow, had tried to pay some of her debts. The verses of Horace (carpe diem) overlap with those of Oasis (take the time), the music of Mendelssohn is accompanied by the waltzes of Strauss and by the Beatles songs, the sermons of the priest, the reflections of Aldo and the chatter of the village, while the invasion of the garden is intertwined with the dissertations and the scoops of newspapers and TV and the hyper-technological intrigues of Investigator.

Together with Paolo and Bortolazzi's bowls, the role-playing games of young people in the garden and the computer games designed by Riccardo narrate the flow of amusement between yesterday and tomorrow. Like the subtle and refined power of Laurenti and the raw power of Barca that come from the present and the future, showing how the old paths of arrogance and violence continue on new tracks.

As the bitter solution of the mystery will suggest: «Look at your small town, we do not have anything to do with the crimes of its garden», they say. They have better crimes to pursue. All of this is immersed in a suspended reality, poised between memories and hopes, between past and future, winking at the present. Between Riccardo's curiosity and Rossana's Masterplan, the naivety of Marzia and the cynicism of Gigi, between doubts and certainties and the desire to understand why, wherever you go, the cock always sings the same way. If it sings.