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Hello world!

Welcome to my home page, my name is Damiano Verda, I was born in 1985 and I'm the Head of Data Science of the Rulex, Inc. company.

I obtained a PhD in Electronic, Computer, Robotic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Genova in April 2014 and I got my master degree in computer engineering at the University of Genova (July 2010, robotics and automation course). During the PhD, I published some scientific papers concerning robotic perception (SLAM, object recognition, computer vision). In 2013, from January to September, I was a visiting PhD student in the AI-Lab of the University of Zurich. As a fellow researcher at the italian National Research Center (CNR-IEIIT) in Genova, I worked from September 2014 until September 2015 on machine learning, both contributing to the Interomics flagship project and to the inclusion of innovative features in the Rulex software suite. After that, I joined the Rulex company.

I really like writing and I managed to publish an essay, a mystery novel, to earn the qualification of journalist ("giornalista pubblicista") and to write a C++ course (with source code examples), many articles, a guide about Dropbox and one about MIT App Inventor on the Mr Webmaster portal.

Furthermore I contributed to the Ubitennis, Thrillercafe, Teatro.It websites, as well as to the university magazine "L'Orma del viaggiatore".

Among my interests, besides the passion for writing: music, theater and chess.


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